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 'A Chip Off The Old Block' is incorrect.
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The chord charts for several of Godfrey's CDs are also available as a ZIP file download. There is no set price for the chord charts. When you click 'Buy Now' you are taken to the PayPal site where you may choose a price that seems fair to you, after payment you are re-directed back to GodfreyB.com to download the chords.
The ZIP file you download contains PDFs for each of the albums listed below.
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Chords from  "Is This The Beginning?",  "If My People",  "Outrageous Grace",  "A Call To Pray",  "Stand Up! Shake Yourself From The Dust",  "Dread God" ,
"Hijacked Into Paradise",  "Ring Out Wild Bells" , "The Wine Is Alive" , "Two Thousand Years Ago We Bled Into One", "YEA", "A Chip Off The Old Block" and
the new CD "Entangled & Intrinsically Linked".





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